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A pleasant adventure at Playa Mujeres

Oksana Turney Travelscapes view of the Secrets Playa Mujeres resort from an offshore aerial view
Oksana Turney Playa Mujeres Secrets resort photo

Overall, we had a nice stay at this hotel traveling with a group of extended family of 8, ages from mid thirties to early eighties . Rooms we stayed at, ocean front, were good but not exceptional, just your standard hotel room. We visited Dreams next door and were very happy we didn’t choose it. It felt like a massive ugly maze. We didn’t do a lot of excursions, mostly swam and laid out in the cabanas. We did a free bicycle tour, it was a lot of fun, and a free shopping excursion (just OK). Four of our group golfed once.


Nice snacks and alcohol options at the preferred club. Be careful with the ceviche, I got sick after eating it once, probably was sitting out too long.

Great cabanas on the beach (have to travel as preferred member to use)

Lovely beach with clean, soft sand, perfect for long walks.

No vendors on the beach

Great beach drink service, quick and efficient. We loved Mojitos on the beach. Although light on alcohol (which was fine with us), they were light and refreshing, not sugary.

Perfect water temperature in the pool

Great sashimi at the Japanese restaurant, super fresh fish, although not a lot of variety. Sushi rolls were so so. (the only evening restaurant meal I was able to enjoy) Great service from Melchor!

Very nice breakfasts and lunches with a view at the Oceana (for preferred members for breakfast)

Service almost everywhere was very good.

Covid test for our return to US was easy to book and took very little time.


There were two large weddings on the property during our 6 night stay. Both times the festivities went well into the middle of the night and it was absolutely impossible to sleep even with earplugs.

Food at the restaurants not great. We tried all of them. Mexican was a real disappointment. So was Italian. To the point that some of us only took one bite of our food and left the rest. Buffet was really awful. We only ate there once. The only place we had unfriendly service at.

Practically no entertainment in the evening.

Golf: there is a $100 cart fee which you can not share, each person in your group has to pay it. My husband brought his own clubs, the other three gofers in our group didn’t. They would not let anyone share his clubs, they all had to rent their own sets. Bring lots of balls, they are expensive at the golf course!

Oksana Turney lounging in the beach cabanas at Playa Mujeres
Oksana Turney in cabana

We didn’t use pool much as we prefer ocean on vacation but we noticed that all better sun loungers already had towels on them very early, when we were having our morning coffee on the balcony. Must be frustrating for people wanting to spend time by the pool.

To sum it up, it was a nice resort although we would not be back. Food is a major thing for us and the restaurants were not cutting it. Not being able to sleep for two out of six nights also left us less than enthusiastic about staying there.


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